MU awakens the dangers of Cavani

After 129 minutes of playing in the Premier League, Edinson Cavani scored 3 goals and made one assist. Cavani set foot in Old Trafford in disbelief. It is not known whether the 33-year-old striker still desires to fulfill his dreams at MU.

Many fans even described the Cavani deal, showing the MU’s deadlock. Also because MU is less charming with South American strikers, not many people believe Cavani has achieved success when he comes to Old Trafford.

However, Falcao brought an unhealthy knee to MU. Cavani also joined Manchester City’s representative with a state of prosperity. The dangerous qualities of the former PSG star have not been lost. When Southampton realized the danger of the Uruguayan striker, they received consecutive goals.

Because of the lack of a beast in the restricted area, MU lost its danger. Coach Solskjaer once cherished the intention of turning Anthony Martial into the “number 9”. This plan has not yet been completed.

This formation has not been shown to be effective. Fernandes is known for his good finishing ability. But the highest kick in attack makes him constrained his creativity.

Sometimes, the Portuguese midfielder takes a deep step back to play the role of conductor. However, he did not find any partner ahead. MU’s problem is only resolved when Cavani appears.

Cavani is a world class striker. The instinct of a beast to score in the penalty area always helps the Uruguayan to know where to move and stand.

Cavani deserved a lead on a trip to St Mary’s Stadium after his impressive performance against Istanbul Basaksehir in the Champions League. Coach Solskjaer probably does not want to risk the 33-year-old striker.

However, Cavani is not a normal 33-year-old striker. MU’s number 7 proves its worth with an assist and a double goal to help the home team go upstream spectacularly.

Losing to Atletico Madrid, Barcelona also received shock

Not only did he lose to Atletico Madrid, Barcelona also received sad news when midfielder Gerard Pique was seriously injured. Last night, Barcelona suffered a 0-1 defeat during Atletico Madrid’s trip to the Wanda Metropolitano. Yannick Carrasco was the only goal scorer in the match after the defender of Los Blaugrana.

This defeat caused Barcelona to continue to sink into crisis when it was pushed down to 10th place on the La Liga rankings. Not only that, after the match, they also received very sad news about Gerard Pique’s injury.

The Spanish midfielder left the field in the 62nd minute after a very strong collision with Ángel Correa. Witnessing the image of Gerard Pique in pain and tears on his way into the tunnel. Many people may think that this player was seriously injured.

According to sources from Diario Sport, Gerard Pique had a serious problem in his knee. The newspaper also said that the 1987 midfielder may have to leave the pitch for 4-6 months.

This is a big loss for Barcelona because even when he is not at the peak of his form, Gerard Pique is still a very important name. In the hands of coach Ronald Koeman, there is not much choice in the center position.

He only had Lenglet as the only trusted name. Meanwhile, the other two center-backs, Ronald Araujo and Samuel Umtiti, were both injured.

Remember, after Gerard Pique left the field in the match against Atletico Madrid, coach Ronald Koeman was inferior to midfielder De Jong in this position. Not only Gerard Pique, Barcelona also announced that Sergi Roberto was also injured.

The right-back has had a problem with his right hamstring and may be out of action for a long time. According to coach Ronald Koeman, the fact that the players had to plow continuously in recent years caused the players to get injured.

MU continues to expect Bruno Fernandes

A 3-1 win over Everton doesn’t solve the Manchester United problem at the moment. It is an over-reliance on Bruno Fernandes. Stage four is that Bruno Fernandes will appear, carrying MU to victory so that everything will return to stage one.

The status of MU this season can be temporarily divided into a rotation with 4 phases. Stage one is normal with a relaxed and confident posture. In the second stage, MU started losing the match. The third stage is when MU lost many games in a row, showing a poor face and the news of firing coach Ole Solskjaer appeared in abundance.

MU scored 3 goals against Everton with all 3 goals printed directly with Bruno Fernandes’s shoe mark. Whoscored gave Fernandes 9.1 points for performance in this match. This is the 7th time out of 10 games in the 2020/21 season the Portuguese midfielder received a score of over 7 from Whoscored.

Of course, the tool has its own criteria to score so accurately, but with the fans following by common sense. Fernandes is the only person who knows how to play at a high level, and revives MU.

However, the steady shine of Fernandes made many fans even more worried about MU’s fate. In the middle of the week, the Portuguese midfielder played disappointingly before the Turkish representative, Basaksehir.

He lost the ball 14 times in the whole game, repeatedly failed to pass, in short played under form, directly leading to MU’s unbelievable defeat. Rarely does a British or European newspaper criticize Fernandes for those 90 minutes of disappointment.

However, they pointed their noses at Ole Solskjaer. All believe that Solskjaer keeps relying on Fernandes, making MU too easy to be arrested. In fact, that’s something most professionals and recommend brand have seen since the end of last season.

By this season, many Premier League clubs have caught this MU weakness. That explains the double difficulty that MU has to face in the domestic tournament.

Cavani will become a player who adds quality to MU

Former player Michael Owen confirmed that Cavani can become a quality plan for Man Utd attack. Cavani moved to Old Trafford in a free form on the final day of the summer transfer 2020.

He is an additional plan for the young attackers of coach Ole Solskjaer. Before that, the Uruguayan striker had many years of playing for PSG and became the greatest striker in the history of the Parc des Princes.

“Cavani is always running and running. He’s going to be a complementary quality. Some players are excellent despite everything. People like them don’t need crosses in the box. They have themselves. He can make his own influence with the team, “Owen told Premier League Produtions.

The former MU striker said: “I have watched Cavani for many years and not many players have the ability to move in the penalty area to catch the ball like him. Cavani will score hundreds of goals for the Man Utd team in the past.”

He has made five appearances for Man Utd this season. Cavani was introduced in the 82nd minute to replace Anthony Martial in the match against Everton. He scored the winner 3-1 for Man Utd with a decisive shot into the near corner after a cross from Bruno Fernandes.

After the national team gathering in November, Solskjaer teachers and teachers will face West Brom. Basaksehir and Southampton respectively before resuming PSG in the Champions League. In the first leg, Man Utd won 2-1 at the Parc des Princes when Cavani was absent.

However, Owen still thinks that Cavani needs to be given more opportunities and at the same time have to receive more support from his teammates. “Does the current team make crossings into the penalty area? Both back-line returns and a lot of things Cavani loves? I hope he has enough ammunition to fire,” said the former said the British religion.

Is Pogba really bad

Paul Pogba’s poor performance in the 0-1 defeat to Arsenal left fans doubting him. Paul Pogba rarely appeared in front of the media for post-match interviews.

Pogba used to have a few good matches. However, that is largely from the times these players came on the bench when Man United met Brighton.

In the match against Leipzig in the Champions League, the French midfielder was trusted by coach Ole Soskjaer. He completed well the role assigned to the left center midfielder on the score chart.

He had an assist to Mason Greenwood to score the match. This is a situation in which the 27-year-old midfielder holds the ball straight into the last third of the field before clearing the deck for his teammates to score.

When Man United played a 4-2-3-1, Pogba – in the role of a central midfielder backing off the pitch – didn’t do that often. However, the victory over Leipzig is one of the rare times that Pogba shines when he starts.

The Independent commented that Pogba has not yet entered the ball due to not being well prepared for the new season. Pogba immediately had to wear his shoes to the soccer field with Crystal Palace. Next, he must continue to play against Brighton and play the full 90 minutes when Man United face Tottenham.

Coach Solskjaer suddenly pushed Pogba on the bench in the Champions League clash with PSG. Before that, the Norwegian strategist admitted making a mistake because he hurriedly brought the pupil back.

Speaking like Pogba, he is struggling with a dense schedule in the context of not having a good condition. This is also a big question that has emerged. Why is Pogba ranked first in the two games against Leipzig and Arsenal?

And if Pogba is still tired, why coach Solskjaer still lets the French midfielder kick the end of the match against Arsenal. Only Coach Solskjaer knows the answer.

Cavani – quality and comprehensive striker Lukaku

Commentator John Dykes believes that the Man United attack will be worth watching when Edinson Cavani is present. For Man United, winning against PSG was a great result. Remember, no team has beaten PSG at home in the Champions League group stage in more than two decades.

The last time PSG lost at home in the group stage was in 2004. That makes Man United’s victory especially.

More importantly, Man United defeated PSG with a chipped squad. They did not have the strongest defense when midfielders Harry Maguire and Eric Bailly were absent due to injury.

However, Man United’s substitute cards had a great game. I was impressed with the performance of goalkeeper David de Gea. Who performed very well not only against PSG, but also other matches. After what I showed, I saw Man United flying high.

It depends on how coach Solskjaer sees the danger of the opponent. However, that is what makes the fans more excited. They will want to know how the Norwegian strategist approaches the game.

In the match against PSG, I appreciate the way coach Solskjaer uses his staff. He knows that an opponent possesses a formidable attack power. So arranged two players to take on the role of defensive midfielders, Fred and Scott Mctominay as shields in front of the defense.

With the match against Chelsea, whether the Norwegian strategist will continue to use two defensive midfield players or not. That’s what we have to wait to know.

As for Pogba, whenever it comes to the midfielder, it becomes a huge controversy. In my opinion, Coach Solskjaer is just trying to create the best squad for Man United.

And unfortunately, with such thinking of the Norwegian strategist, Pogba was not in the plan. Currently, the French midfielder is not guaranteed the main kick.

And Bruno Fernandes is different. The proof is that the Portuguese midfielder was handed the Man United captaincy in the match against PSG and was guaranteed to start in every match.

Liverpool face difficulties when Van Dijk is injured

Nightmares are slowly becoming a reality when Van Dijk could cut his knee ligaments and had to take at least 7-8 months of absence. That means this season for the Dutch midfielder is considered to be over.

Liverpool can live well without Allison, Salah, Mane or Thiago, but the long-term absence of Van Dijk is a completely different story. Journalist Michael Cox once explained on The Athletic the reason why Europe’s top clubs are now infatuated with the left-footed midfielder.

The reason is that if the left-footed midfielder plays left-footed in defense. The ability to develop the ball from the home field will be easier. Because a left-footed pass on the left-hand side always has a more elusive trajectory than a right-foot pass.

In the last two seasons Man City won the Premier League, Aymeric Laporte was a left-footed midfielder who took on this role. Why is Van Dijk not left-footed, but still becomes the defensive leader of Liverpool to win the Champions League and the Premier League. Even the best center-back in the world for the past 2 years?

The ability to choose the position of the Dutch midfielder is excellent. He was imbued with the thoughts of defense professors like Paolo Maldini. If he had to tack the ball, it meant he was on the wrong position.

Van Dijk is also tall enough, even agile to be ready in a one-to-one situation with the opponent’s speed. Nobody ran faster than Van Dijk in that Champions League season, not even players famous for the speed like Kylian Mbappe.

Gomez kept making mistakes from the start of the season with basic positioning mistakes. Matip did not have the speed and vision to connect with Salah from the pitch like Van Dijk had caused Arsenal. And Fabinho was originally not a center-back.

Rashford helped England go upstream and beat Belgium 2-1

England are eager to beat Belgium as they both face off in the UEFA Nations League. Having the advantage of Wembley, England, despite not launching Harry Kane from the beginning, still aims to win all 3 points. On the other side of the front line, Belgium has no Eden Hazard, but Kevin De Bruyne and Romelu Lukaku are still dangerous attacks for MU.

He dominated in the first few minutes of the match, but Belgium straightened them with Carrasco’s unrecognized goal in the 10th minute. After the warning, Belgium completely overwhelmed England thanks to De’s excellent passing ability.

Bruyne and Witsel are in the midfield. However, the difference between the two teams comes from Romelu Lukaku. In the 15 th minute, the striker playing for Inter Milan quickly surpassed Eric Dier to enter the penalty area. The Tottenham defender cut down Lukaku in the penalty area and referee Tobias Stieler pointed to the penalty spot.

Belgium overwhelmed England with more and more outstanding opportunities. However, while having an advantage, England got a penalty when Meunier pulled Jordan Henderson down in the penalty area. On the end of 11 meters, Rashford finished the score accurately for the homeowner.

Entering the second half, England played better after the instructions of coach Gareth Southgate. In the 64th minute, Mason Mount gave England a 2-1 lead with a lucky kick. That hit Toby Aldeweireld’s foot in the net and went into the net in Simon Mignolet’s helplessness.

Belgium frantically rushed to attack to find the equalizer. De Bruyne had an unbelievable slit for Carrasco to equalize, but the number 11 was regrettable. After De Bruyne was substituted, Belgium could no longer maintain enough pressure on Pickford’s goal and let the match end with a 1-2 loss.

Winning Belgium, England rise to the top of group A2 in the UEFA Nations League with 7 points after 3 matches, In the next round, England will meet Denmark.

MU lost to Tottenham 1-6 at Old Trafford

MU had a bad day and had to receive a shameful defeat at home to Spurs in round 4 of the Premier League. With home advantage, MU is expected to win good results against Tottenham. MU attackers joined the team when they brought the score to open the score by Bruno Fernandes in the second minute.

However, the mistakes of the defense and the red card of Anthony Martial caused MU to quickly collapse. The host conceded 4 times in the first half, and 2 more times in the second half. Tanguy Ndombele, Son Heung-min, Serge Aurier and Harry Kane, respectively, helped Spurs submerge MU 6-1 at Old Trafford.

With the advantage of physical strength, MU pushed up the first attack squad and soon gained efficiency. Bruno Fernandes’s high-speed combination, Anthony Martial easily eliminated Hojbjerg, Davinson Sanchez had no choice.

Witnessing MU’s exciting entry, no fans thought that they would concede 4 times when the first half was not over. When the fans are thinking about Harry Maguire will play well with Eric Bailly. It was MU’s captain midfielder who made a mistake, causing De Gea to receive consecutive goals in the 4th and 7th minutes.

Not only fumbling in the situation of hitting the wrong header to help Ndombele equalize. The most expensive midfielder in the world also showed a lack of concentration after a foul with Harry Kane.

The home captain stood like heaven, and did not have any blocking moves before Kane’s quick free kick. Son quickly escaped, then put the delicate finish into the far corner to bring Spurs ahead.

MU lost the initiative after 2 goals quickly lost. Coach Solskjaer’s army was struggling in the middle of the field and could not put the ball in the away area.

Mason Greeenwood’s long-range shots were their only solution. However, this plan only makes the defense of the white shirt slightly disturbed.

Coach Koeman finds an alternative to Suarez

In the summer transfer period of 2020, the Camp Nou team said goodbye to Luis SuSuarez. Who scored 21 goals and had 12 assists last season.

He joined Atletico Madrid in the context of Barca has not found a replacement. The club leaders are said to be pursuing Lautaro Martinez and Memphis Depay, but no agreement has yet been signed.

In the case of not being able to recruit a striker, Barca’s attack will depend on the trio of Griezmann, Lionel Messi and young star Ansu Fati. The adult player from the La Masia training facility can play either on attack or on the flank. He has extended his contract with the Camp Nou team and has a release clause of up to 400 million euros.

In a 4-0 win over Villarreal, Fati shone with a brace and brought in 11 yards for Messi to score. The 17-year-old’s performance eclipsed the Argentinian superstar in Barca’s opening game.

Coach Koeman said: “Fati is a young player and has to seek concentration in every game with his performance. He shows himself a bright future and I feel happy later. Today’s match In the friendly against Elche, one of my criticism was that Fati’s performance was under-optimized Today, I said that he had a great game and depth”.

Coach Ronald Koeman shared before the match against Villarreal: “It is normal for Messi to be sad when a friend leaves. It is part of football. The most important thing for me is how Messi trains. He is the plate. mirrors on the training ground and games. Messi showed that in the last two training sessions, and he has recovered from his injury.”

“Barca has never had a quiet day. We have to think about a change. There will be supporters and opponents. Becoming the coach of the biggest club in the world entails a lot of expectations. There are people who support me and some people do not. I hope people feel more secure to focus on work, “he added.