Is Pogba really bad

Paul Pogba’s poor performance in the 0-1 defeat to Arsenal left fans doubting him. Paul Pogba rarely appeared in front of the media for post-match interviews.

Pogba used to have a few good matches. However, that is largely from the times these players came on the bench when Man United met Brighton.

In the match against Leipzig in the Champions League, the French midfielder was trusted by coach Ole Soskjaer. He completed well the role assigned to the left center midfielder on the score chart.

He had an assist to Mason Greenwood to score the match. This is a situation in which the 27-year-old midfielder holds the ball straight into the last third of the field before clearing the deck for his teammates to score.

When Man United played a 4-2-3-1, Pogba – in the role of a central midfielder backing off the pitch – didn’t do that often. However, the victory over Leipzig is one of the rare times that Pogba shines when he starts.

The Independent commented that Pogba has not yet entered the ball due to not being well prepared for the new season. Pogba immediately had to wear his shoes to the soccer field with Crystal Palace. Next, he must continue to play against Brighton and play the full 90 minutes when Man United face Tottenham.

Coach Solskjaer suddenly pushed Pogba on the bench in the Champions League clash with PSG. Before that, the Norwegian strategist admitted making a mistake because he hurriedly brought the pupil back.

Speaking like Pogba, he is struggling with a dense schedule in the context of not having a good condition. This is also a big question that has emerged. Why is Pogba ranked first in the two games against Leipzig and Arsenal?

And if Pogba is still tired, why coach Solskjaer still lets the French midfielder kick the end of the match against Arsenal. Only Coach Solskjaer knows the answer.