History of the World Football Championship

The tournament organized by the International Football Association attracts the participation of all 208 member countries. After qualifying matches, only 32 national teams will compete in the World Cup finals.

32 teams will be divided into 8 groups and each group will have 4 teams. The teams in the group stage will compete in the round-robin round and the top two teams will play in the round of 1/16.

Winning teams in the round of 16 will continue to compete in the quarterfinals and semi-finals. The last two teams will be competing in the final to determine which team will be the champion.

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After football was recognized as an amateur sport at the Olympics, FIFA decided to host a first world football championship. And the organizer was FIFA president then Jules Rimet.

The first world football championship was held in 1930 in Uruguay with 13 national teams participating. The hosts Uruguay became the first champion of the world after defeating Argentina 4-2 in the final.

The world football championship then turned out to be a fascinating sporting event. However, the tournament faces geographical barriers because it is difficult for South American teams to move to Europe to attend the tournament. In addition, the 1942 and 1946 World Cups were postponed due to World War II.

After World War II, the world football championship gradually regained the loving interest of fans. The 1950 World Cup final, the first tournament after World War II, was held in Brazil. The tournament also saw England’s first participation after being ostracized for political reasons.

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The Uruguay team once again became a world champion after beating Brazil host Brazil in the historic final. From the start of the tournament until 1982, only 13 to 16 teams participated in the tournament. In 1982, FIFA increased the number of participating teams to 24 and then to 32 at the 1998 World Cup finals.

FIFA and World Football Championship have undergone a long process of formation and development. The world football championship is truly the largest sports event that attracts the most attention worldwide.

MU continues to recruit Rabiot

Man United are determined to beat Arsenal and Everton to recruit midfielder Adrien Rabiot in the summer of 2020. According to the Daily Mail, Man United is negotiating with Mrs. Veronique, the mother and representative of midfielder Rabiot.

The “Red Devils” are the first to make specific moves to recruit Rabiot from Juventus. Earlier, Arsenal and Everton were thought to be the two clubs ready to welcome Rabiot.


Rabiot has just spent the first season with Juventus. The French midfielder joined Juventus from PSG on a free transfer. However, Rabiot cannot compete as a main stone in the traditional team.

According to some sources from Italy, Rabiot was not popular with coach Maurizio Sarri because he looked down on the team’s common discipline.

Rabiot has played a total of 24 games this season, and contributed below expectations. MU is expected to spend no less than 25 million euros to recruit Rabiot. Juventus had intended to use Rabiot as part of the Paul Pogba deal, but this scenario is unlikely.

Arsenal want to recruit Rabiot to play alongside Matteo Guendouzi. Meanwhile, coach Carlo Ancelotti wants to reunite Rabiot at Everton. Rabiot is only 25 years old and has plenty of time to regain his form. This midfielder problem is undisciplined.

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Rabiot was once pushed down by PSG to the youth team, not allowed to play because of criticism of the leadership. After that, Rabiot removed himself from the reserve list of France team at the 2018 World Cup. Rabiot has no way back to France.

Action from Rabiot is advised by Ms. Veronique, the mother and representative of the French midfielder. He was the only player to ignore Juventus’ orders to join the team, when the other players were counting the days to get back.

The future of Rabiot at Juventus has been the focus of the press for a week. According to sources from Italy, coach Maurizio Sarri has removed Rabiot from the plan right now.

The young Croatian midfielder bounced off Heerenveen

Player named “Messi Croatia” Alen Halilovic confirmed Heerenveen’s farewell after only one year. Share with Tportal, Halilovic confirmed: “What I know is that he will not stay in Heerenveen next season. Even so, I still have time to contract until the summer and must respect that contract.”

Halilovic is the most prominent name in the farewell team of Heerenveen this summer. His contract expires in June, the end of the season according to the old schedule. However, due to the cancellation of the Dutch national championship, Heerenveen has yet to make another decision for Halilovic.

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Croatian prodigies also can not train with the club because of the impact of the disease. He has now returned to Zagreb with his family. Alen Halilovic himself is not a less talented player. He joined Dinamo Zagreb in the first team at 16, the youngest player to score in the Croatian national championship. After winning the first place in Zagreb at the age of 17, Halilovic was bought by Barcelona for € 2.2 million.

The midfielder said: “I believe I have had a lot of bad luck in the past few years. For example, when I was playing well at Las Palmas, I got injured and ended up on the operating table. In the Netherlands, when I was in good shape, the tournament was immediately postponed.

Cổ động viên kêu gọi Messi từ giã đội tuyển Argentina | Báo Dân trí

In most teams, when I realized that I was improving, I had to move. I did not know what awaited me. So much has happened, more than I could have imagined in the past few years. ”

However, those beautiful days did not last long when the Dutch championship was postponed due to the Covid-19 epidemic. Halilovic admitted: “After a few months of adjusting, I have just started playing back recently. My teammates have just started to feel my existence on the pitch. I’ve had assists and am feeling great. I believe in myself and think I can end the season here. But then this happened. ”

Coach Solskjaer rated Rashford on a level of Kane

British media revealed coach Ole Solskjaer was happy with the current Man Utd attack. And it is not too important to recruit Harry Kane in the summer transfer window.

After Harry Kane hinted about leaving Tottenham Hotspur, many big clubs hit the English striker, including Man Utd. The Old Trafford team is said to spend up to 200 million pounds to own this player’s signature.

Marcus Rashford kêu gọi quyên góp thành công 20 triệu bảng | VTV.VN

However, due to the complicated development of the Covid-19, European tournaments were forced to postpone, many clubs face economic difficulties. Recently, The Sun said coach Ole Solskjaer still feels fine if he can not recruit Kane. He rated Marcus Rashford on a par with his elder brother.

The mature striker from Man Utd’s training furnace is 4 years younger than Kane. Before suffering a back and ankle injury in January, Rashford had the best scoring season in his career to date with 19 goals. The Norwegian strategist was confident with giving him the starting kick.

Kane’s contract with Tottenham until 2024 expires. Therefore, if you want to recruit the English striker, Man Utd will likely have to break the transfer record of the club. But the Old Trafford Stadium is said to be chasing after many football stars.

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Kane is the striker is rated the most current foggy country. In the last 5 seasons, he played from 38 to 51 matches for Tottenham and regularly scored from 28 to 41 goals. Before the tournaments were postponed because of Covid-19, the player also scored 17 goals out of a total of 25 matches for Spurs.

However, since the debut of the first team so far, Kane has not had the opportunity to win the trophy with Tottenham. Last season, he and his teammates reached the Champions League final but lost to Liverpool. Failure to win the title made Kane consider leaving. In addition to Man Utd, Real Madrid is also watching the English striker.

Naturalized player is no longer in Indonesia

In the preliminary list of 34 players of the Indonesian team, coach Shin Tae-yong entrusted many young talents. And they only summoned the naturalized star is Spasojevic. Coach Shin Tae-yong has published a list of 34 players in the February focus of the Indonesian team to prepare for the 2022 World Cup qualifier.

The Korean captain showed his determination to refresh the team with every goods series of decisions. The first notable point on the list is the appearance of a series of new names. Coach Shin summoned 12 new faces to recruit in this rally, including 4 U20 players.

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In addition, he also eliminated many naturalized players who were no longer valid with the team like Beto Goncalves or Otavio Dutra. The only naturalized player to be summoned this time was Bali United striker Ilija Spasojevic.

According to the initial plan, the Indonesian team will gather in early May. However, because many of these teams are busy playing in the AFC Cup as well as the AFC Champions League, Tim Garuda will train for 10 days.

This focus is the first time coach Shin has worked with the Indonesian team. Tim Garuda then had another round of concentration in June to prepare for two matches with the Thai team.

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In Group G qualifying for the 2022 World Cup, Indonesia is currently ranked at the bottom of the table after 5 matches and losing most of the time and almost the opportunity to continue. The more likely target of Shin’s teachers and students will be the ticket to attend the 2023 Asian Cup.

In Indonesia, coach Shin will be in charge of the three main levels of the country’s football team, U20, U23 and the national team. According to Indonesian media, the three major goals of coach Shin here will be U20 World Cup 2021, Olympic Paris 2024 and Asian Cup 2023.

Is the football coach a teacher or not

Is football coach in particular, and sport in general, considered to be a teacher? Or are they merely a collaborator with an athlete?

If judging by the standards of professional football in particular and top sport in general, it is clear that the coach is not the right teacher. It is a pure working relationship, based on commitments that both are bound to a common organization.

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In binding the commitment that leads to their relationship in the other job, the coach is like a “boss” and a player as a special employee. Together they conquer goals that one is a “thinker” and one is a “doer”.

But also in that relationship, there are many pairs of football coaches – players who are close to the level of a junior associate. Many players consider the coach to be like his father, a position quite similar to that of his mentor.

For example, Mourinho’s relationship with Materazzi at Inter Milan, for example. Moreover, there are coaches who train their players and when they teach behaviors. surely they must have a teacher – student relationship.

Typically the story of Pochettino coach of Tottenham when he was a player. At the time, Pochettino was in his early 20s, playing center-back at Newell’s Old Boys club and Mercelo Bielsa was the head coach.

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That is what an assistant coach must do, not a player’s task. But Bielsa sees the quality of coaching in the person of Pochettino. And he taught Pochettino more of a coach than a player. Now, as a famous coach, Pochettino still remembers those lessons and always calls Bielsa the teacher.

The aforementioned stories clearly show that not in the West, all relationships are so separate that the coach is a coach, not a teacher. And this relationship, in the Asian cultural environment, is increasingly tightened. With the majority of players, Asian athletes, coaches are always considered teachers. Or at least, in their lifetime, there will be some coaches they are exalted as teachers.

Nishino coach revealed the reason for not needing Japanese assistant

Somyot, the president of the Thai Football Federation, gave an unexpected answer. That’s when asked Akira Nishino about the recruitment of Japanese assistants.

On the Bangkok Post, Somyot Poompunmuang was asked by many reporters regarding Thailand’s coach. He has much to share about reducing the Japanese strategist’s salary.

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“We have no problem reducing his salary. FAT has a lot of money to pay, but he has no revenue. Mr. Nishino understands this so he agrees to reduce his salary by 50 percent,” said FAT president.

Mr. Somyot appreciated the goodwill of the Japanese coach. Moreover, the job that the head of Thai football expressed admiration is about recruiting Japanese assistants.

Currently, the military official born in 1955 has no matches because the matches in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers have been postponed until October. This is also the main reason Mr. Nishino agreed to halve the salary by about $ 80,000 for month.

Although not directing the match, the Thai coach still monitors the situation of domestic football. Recently, FAT considered the possibility of rescheduling Thai League 1 and 2 to September 2020 and ending in May 2021.

This means that Thailand will only send the young team or the second team to the AFF Cup 2020 which takes place at the end of November this year. Somyot’s chairman also confirmed this possibility and FAT will announce an official announcement soon.

HLV Nishino nói gì khi giúp U23 Thái Lan viết sử ở U23 châu Á?

New coach Nishino arrived in Thailand in July 2019 and renewed his contract until 2023 from January 2020. He does not use any compatriot assistants, Nishino’s associates are mostly Thai. Initially, the Japanese coach did not explain this.

“I once asked him why he didn’t bring Japanese assistants with him. Mr. Nishino answered why FAT had to pay more for it. He said it would be better if the Thai coach learned. his system “, this man said.

Neymar – the last romantic of Brazilian football

In an era where football is increasingly dry, Neymar has emerged as a symbol of beautiful football. Brazilian people are always proud of that. The book recounts Neymar’s journey to grow and conquer world football.

Since he was a boy in Sao Paulo, Neymar has shown his great potential. Besides, author Luca Caioli also wrote about hidden corners in the life of Neymar, a global football icon. The conversation showed why Neymar became Samba’s Number No.1 hope for football.

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Who is the best dribbler and scorer in the world? Those are Brazilians. We often wonder with each other what football is left without dribbles and beautiful goals. What would football be left without poets? Brazil is the birthplace of many poets of football.

In a dissertation written in 1971, director Pier Paolo Pasolini compared the similarities between football and literature. Years later, Jose Miguel Wisnik also agreed with this view. He believes that if football is a literary subject, then Brazilians are poets.

In Brazilian football history, the most popular players are the best dribbles. In the top 10 best dribers in football history ever voted by Four Four Two, Brazilian stars make up 5 people.

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At the 1970 World Cup in Mexico, Brazil won the championship with a beautiful football that has never appeared in history. In the final against the Italians, captain Carlos Alberto created one of the best goals in the history of the world cup when scoring a 4-1 score for the Selecao. It is a typical ball of Brazilian taste art. They dribble, coordinate and score goals.

Brazilians still keep hoping to win with a performance football. However, they were not once successful. More than a decade later, Brazilians have Neymar. Wisnik believes that, above all, Neymar is the symbol of the loss of beautiful football.

Neymar has never helped Selecao win the World Cup. But his position is now no different from those of Pele, Ronaldo or Ronaldinho in the past.

The call prevented Ronaldo and Messi from becoming teammates

What would be the history of world football if the top two superstars Ronaldo and Messi wore the same shirt? The scenario of excitement was ruined with a single phone call.

The journalist that is Guillem Balague has revealed details of how Cristiano Ronaldo almost became a Barcelona player in the summer of 2009. The Camp Nou team then believed the Portuguese striker could partner with Lionel Messi.

Many fans knew about the tacit agreement between Real and Ronaldo in 2008. Ramon Calderon wanted to buy CR7 in the summer of 2008, but was rejected by Manchester United.

Ronaldo và Messi: Tiến hóa khủng khiếp hơn sau tuổi 30

In April 2007, Ronaldo signed a new 5-year contract with United, thereby keeping him until the summer of 2012. However, a year later this striker intends to move to Real Madrid. Sir Alex Ferguson must fly from Manchester to Lisbon to persuade Ronaldo to accept to stay at Old Trafford for another season.

At the same time, Calderon decided to approach the player’s agent Jorge Mendes. And the parties create a contract. It is Real will have to pay Ronaldo 30 million euros in cash if not complying with the contract. In return, Ronaldo will be fined the same amount if he changes his mind not to move to the Bernabeu.

Cristiano Ronaldo và Messi cùng lập kỷ lục trong trận El Clasico

In January 2009, Calderon unexpectedly resigned from his position as president of the Spanish Royal Club. The deal to buy Ronaldo is at risk of collapse after an urgent meeting of Real management later.

Eduardo thought that Real should spend 94 million euros at the time, investing in the local players. The chairman believes that if Real recruits Ronaldo in the next few months, the club’s finances could be at risk. Vicente Boluda, the interim president of Real then decided to halt all negotiations with Ronaldo and his agent.

The Valencia lawyer is willing to pay a € 30 million fine in the deal with Mendes to abandon the deal.