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Coach Koeman finds an alternative to Suarez

In the summer transfer period of 2020, the Camp Nou team said goodbye to Luis SuSuarez. Who scored 21 goals and had 12 assists last season.

He joined Atletico Madrid in the context of Barca has not found a replacement. The club leaders are said to be pursuing Lautaro Martinez and Memphis Depay, but no agreement has yet been signed.

In the case of not being able to recruit a striker, Barca’s attack will depend on the trio of Griezmann, Lionel Messi and young star Ansu Fati. The adult player from the La Masia training facility can play either on attack or on the flank. He has extended his contract with the Camp Nou team and has a release clause of up to 400 million euros.

In a 4-0 win over Villarreal, Fati shone with a brace and brought in 11 yards for Messi to score. The 17-year-old’s performance eclipsed the Argentinian superstar in Barca’s opening game.

Coach Koeman said: “Fati is a young player and has to seek concentration in every game with his performance. He shows himself a bright future and I feel happy later. Today’s match In the friendly against Elche, one of my criticism was that Fati’s performance was under-optimized Today, I said that he had a great game and depth”.

Coach Ronald Koeman shared before the match against Villarreal: “It is normal for Messi to be sad when a friend leaves. It is part of football. The most important thing for me is how Messi trains. He is the plate. mirrors on the training ground and games. Messi showed that in the last two training sessions, and he has recovered from his injury.”

“Barca has never had a quiet day. We have to think about a change. There will be supporters and opponents. Becoming the coach of the biggest club in the world entails a lot of expectations. There are people who support me and some people do not. I hope people feel more secure to focus on work, “he added.

Messi makes Suarez forgotten

Leaving the conflict with the Barca leadership, Lionel Messi returned to the familiar image of the excellent striker of world football. Coach Ronald Koeman got his second win ahead of the new season as Barca beat Girona 3-1. Messi also opened fire with a double goal.

Those who are skeptical of Leo’s professionalism owe this player an apology. The Argentinian superstar is making everyone forget the burofax that rocked the Camp Nou.

In the second friendly match before the new season, coach Koeman continued to eliminate Luis Suarez from the list of registration. It is like a sharp message to the 33-year-old star. Without Suarez, Barca had Messi playing as a striker.

Observing the match, journalist Geoff Gillingham of Marca analyzed: “What is remarkable in Barca’s 3-1 win over Girona is how Messi and Griezmann swapped the virtual No. 9 at different times. The highlight must mention the flexible movement of the attacking quartet”.

Messi is the most important member of the Barca attack. He still retains the excellent qualities of the world-class scoring machine.

Mundo Derportivo journalist Josep M.Artells commented: “Messi started to lubricate the gun and make everyone forget the burofax”. Leo scores, and that worries everyone.

After Messi announced that he would complete the contract with Barca, the fans were not worried. They are afraid that they will no longer see the image of a devoted Leo as before.

Messi smashed doubts with professional manners in recent years. He arrived on the training ground on time, practiced seriously and did exactly what Coach Koeman instructed.

Seeing how Messi played against Girona, people see that the inspiration in Leo has not exhausted. The Argentine superstar still dances with the ball as usual. Leo’s level has not been lost. It was shown through the way he passed the ball to Francisco Trincao.

How Messi became the most powerful player in Barca

Guardiola’s concessions and favors have contributed to making Messi the most influential player at the Camp Nou for many years. Quique Setien must be understanding this.

The former Real Betis captain does not have an impressive career or success as a coach. That makes it difficult for him to recruit players with strong personality of Barca.


Suarez publicly criticized Setien. The media mentioned the times when Barca players listened to Messi’s direction. Managing Barca dressing room has never been easy. Even a legend like Pep Guardiola also faced many difficulties in the first time leading the first team Barca.

Messi has always been. How does Messi behave on the pitch, how does he behave outside the pitch. Messi dislikes talking to the press, always hiding from the camera and dislikes having to go out and declare something to the team.

Messi doesn’t like to talk much. He only has one language expressed through the ball. Pep’s mission is, of course, to make Messi happy, creating all the conditions for this guy to perform best on the pitch.

You can punch, kick, play badly with Messi on the pitch and he will still play football as if he was back in his home town of Rosario. Messi just doesn’t like all the rest like media, advertising or attention from the girls.

Pep quickly realized that he needed to protect Messi as best as he could in the media. When he became Barca coach, Pep offered Messi to escape many interviews from the press. If so, Messi is only allowed to talk about football.

Lionel Messi và top 10 cầu thủ thuận chân trái lợi hại nhất PES 2020

If the situation worsens, the Barca coach needs a clever and tactful response to ask Messi to solve the problem. In football, Messi has never been afraid of anything.

Pep certainly felt fortunate to lead Messi while Xavi and Iniesta were playing. Two Barca legends are the ones who always protect Messi, but are also willing to criticize Leo when he makes a mistake. They did it after the match against Arsenal.