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Mata decided to win for MU

MU coach Ole Solskjaer has given many compliments to midfielder Juan Mata.

Even with a regular reserve this season, Mata still showed no loss of value. The level of the Spanish midfielder is shown through the skillful swing of the ball to deceive the Copenhagen striker in the Europa League.

Bongdaso - Bóng đá số - Tin tức - Mata cảnh báo những kẻ quay lưng ...

It was also the number 8 that initiated the ball to help MU get a penalty after that.

“Red Devils” played well, but unfortunately the representative from Denmark. This makes them helpless in scoring and having to drag the game to extra time. When the feet of Paul Pogba and Bruno Fernandes were tired, coach Solskjaer had a landmark decision to bring Mata on.

Mata is not young. And every time the transfer window opens, the name of the star of the country is always on the list in danger of going out. This has been happening continuously since the time of Louis van Gaal.

Mata’s place at Old Trafford was never peaceful. He is always threatened by plans that are constantly changed by the club’s leader. The Spanish midfielder became a strange case in Manchester. He is not excellent and makes a big difference like Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi, but not bad either.

Every time she was doubted, Mata proves his worth. The number 8 does not shine much, because he no longer plays the role of a pillar of the club. However, the stature of the former Chelsea star is immutable.

Đã rõ bến đỗ trong mơ mà Juan Mata muốn cập bến Hè này | 90min

In January this year, Mata shone against Norwich City and Wolverhampton with goals and assists. It was like a reminder to coach Solskjaer.

When MU crushed Norwich City 4-0 in the Premier League this season, Mata promoted what was best. His performance conquered the opponent’s strategist Daniel Farke.

He wanted to borrow the 32-year-old star but failed. Meeting Copenhagen in the Europa League, the former “Blues” midfielder once again showed his value.