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Is Pogba really bad

Paul Pogba’s poor performance in the 0-1 defeat to Arsenal left fans doubting him. Paul Pogba rarely appeared in front of the media for post-match interviews.

Pogba used to have a few good matches. However, that is largely from the times these players came on the bench when Man United met Brighton.

In the match against Leipzig in the Champions League, the French midfielder was trusted by coach Ole Soskjaer. He completed well the role assigned to the left center midfielder on the score chart.

He had an assist to Mason Greenwood to score the match. This is a situation in which the 27-year-old midfielder holds the ball straight into the last third of the field before clearing the deck for his teammates to score.

When Man United played a 4-2-3-1, Pogba – in the role of a central midfielder backing off the pitch – didn’t do that often. However, the victory over Leipzig is one of the rare times that Pogba shines when he starts.

The Independent commented that Pogba has not yet entered the ball due to not being well prepared for the new season. Pogba immediately had to wear his shoes to the soccer field with Crystal Palace. Next, he must continue to play against Brighton and play the full 90 minutes when Man United face Tottenham.

Coach Solskjaer suddenly pushed Pogba on the bench in the Champions League clash with PSG. Before that, the Norwegian strategist admitted making a mistake because he hurriedly brought the pupil back.

Speaking like Pogba, he is struggling with a dense schedule in the context of not having a good condition. This is also a big question that has emerged. Why is Pogba ranked first in the two games against Leipzig and Arsenal?

And if Pogba is still tired, why coach Solskjaer still lets the French midfielder kick the end of the match against Arsenal. Only Coach Solskjaer knows the answer.

Cavani – quality and comprehensive striker Lukaku

Commentator John Dykes believes that the Man United attack will be worth watching when Edinson Cavani is present. For Man United, winning against PSG was a great result. Remember, no team has beaten PSG at home in the Champions League group stage in more than two decades.

The last time PSG lost at home in the group stage was in 2004. That makes Man United’s victory especially.

More importantly, Man United defeated PSG with a chipped squad. They did not have the strongest defense when midfielders Harry Maguire and Eric Bailly were absent due to injury.

However, Man United’s substitute cards had a great game. I was impressed with the performance of goalkeeper David de Gea. Who performed very well not only against PSG, but also other matches. After what I showed, I saw Man United flying high.

It depends on how coach Solskjaer sees the danger of the opponent. However, that is what makes the fans more excited. They will want to know how the Norwegian strategist approaches the game.

In the match against PSG, I appreciate the way coach Solskjaer uses his staff. He knows that an opponent possesses a formidable attack power. So arranged two players to take on the role of defensive midfielders, Fred and Scott Mctominay as shields in front of the defense.

With the match against Chelsea, whether the Norwegian strategist will continue to use two defensive midfield players or not. That’s what we have to wait to know.

As for Pogba, whenever it comes to the midfielder, it becomes a huge controversy. In my opinion, Coach Solskjaer is just trying to create the best squad for Man United.

And unfortunately, with such thinking of the Norwegian strategist, Pogba was not in the plan. Currently, the French midfielder is not guaranteed the main kick.

And Bruno Fernandes is different. The proof is that the Portuguese midfielder was handed the Man United captaincy in the match against PSG and was guaranteed to start in every match.

Why should Man United not buy Messi

In many teams that are trying to negotiate with Lionel Messi, Man United is considered a dynamic club. However, whether buying Messi is a reasonable decision.

In theory, Man United lacks a big star capable of raising the level of the team, pulling back business partners. They helped the Man United brand heat up again after a long time completely underdogs against Man City and even Liverpool.

First of all, we must look at this predestined relationship from the perspective of Messi. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is in the hands of a collective of young players, pursuing a style of “push the ball, run and finish”. In most big matches, MU is still playing with stalking style. This game is not suitable and does not promote Messi’s forte.

Messi will leave Barcelona regardless of whether chairman Bartomeu resigns or not.

The biggest problem to solve right now is whether Barcelona agree to let Messi go freely or not. In case the Catalan team does not agree, Manchester City is likely to spend 130 million euros to buy Messi.

If Messi is reluctant to join a team that does not suit his “safe zone”, will he burn out his passion. And of course Man United bought Messi not in the best version.

Looking at the example of the Argentina team. It is still Messi, even at the most prolific moment. But between Messi – Barca and Messi – Argentina always has an inexplicable boundary.

Messi has spent many generations as a coach in the national team. There are coaches who summon a squad to serve Messi. Some coaches even gave the right to summon Messi.

However, regardless of the method, Messi in Argentina was never himself. According to experts, M10 is 33 years old, how many more years will he be playing at the peak? Assuming 3-5 years, this is still a short period of time if put in a long-term plan.

MU continues to recruit Rabiot

Man United are determined to beat Arsenal and Everton to recruit midfielder Adrien Rabiot in the summer of 2020. According to the Daily Mail, Man United is negotiating with Mrs. Veronique, the mother and representative of midfielder Rabiot.

The “Red Devils” are the first to make specific moves to recruit Rabiot from Juventus. Earlier, Arsenal and Everton were thought to be the two clubs ready to welcome Rabiot.


Rabiot has just spent the first season with Juventus. The French midfielder joined Juventus from PSG on a free transfer. However, Rabiot cannot compete as a main stone in the traditional team.

According to some sources from Italy, Rabiot was not popular with coach Maurizio Sarri because he looked down on the team’s common discipline.

Rabiot has played a total of 24 games this season, and contributed below expectations. MU is expected to spend no less than 25 million euros to recruit Rabiot. Juventus had intended to use Rabiot as part of the Paul Pogba deal, but this scenario is unlikely.

Arsenal want to recruit Rabiot to play alongside Matteo Guendouzi. Meanwhile, coach Carlo Ancelotti wants to reunite Rabiot at Everton. Rabiot is only 25 years old and has plenty of time to regain his form. This midfielder problem is undisciplined.

Report: Rabiot Refuses to Return to Juventus (PSG Fans Not ...

Rabiot was once pushed down by PSG to the youth team, not allowed to play because of criticism of the leadership. After that, Rabiot removed himself from the reserve list of France team at the 2018 World Cup. Rabiot has no way back to France.

Action from Rabiot is advised by Ms. Veronique, the mother and representative of the French midfielder. He was the only player to ignore Juventus’ orders to join the team, when the other players were counting the days to get back.

The future of Rabiot at Juventus has been the focus of the press for a week. According to sources from Italy, coach Maurizio Sarri has removed Rabiot from the plan right now.