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MU awakens the dangers of Cavani

After 129 minutes of playing in the Premier League, Edinson Cavani scored 3 goals and made one assist. Cavani set foot in Old Trafford in disbelief. It is not known whether the 33-year-old striker still desires to fulfill his dreams at MU.

Many fans even described the Cavani deal, showing the MU’s deadlock. Also because MU is less charming with South American strikers, not many people believe Cavani has achieved success when he comes to Old Trafford.

However, Falcao brought an unhealthy knee to MU. Cavani also joined Manchester City’s representative with a state of prosperity. The dangerous qualities of the former PSG star have not been lost. When Southampton realized the danger of the Uruguayan striker, they received consecutive goals.

Because of the lack of a beast in the restricted area, MU lost its danger. Coach Solskjaer once cherished the intention of turning Anthony Martial into the “number 9”. This plan has not yet been completed.

This formation has not been shown to be effective. Fernandes is known for his good finishing ability. But the highest kick in attack makes him constrained his creativity.

Sometimes, the Portuguese midfielder takes a deep step back to play the role of conductor. However, he did not find any partner ahead. MU’s problem is only resolved when Cavani appears.

Cavani is a world class striker. The instinct of a beast to score in the penalty area always helps the Uruguayan to know where to move and stand.

Cavani deserved a lead on a trip to St Mary’s Stadium after his impressive performance against Istanbul Basaksehir in the Champions League. Coach Solskjaer probably does not want to risk the 33-year-old striker.

However, Cavani is not a normal 33-year-old striker. MU’s number 7 proves its worth with an assist and a double goal to help the home team go upstream spectacularly.