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Kane is compared with Messi and Firmino

This season, Kane often goes back deep to do the task of assisting, giving up the role of the main goal hunter to Son Heung-min. Currently, he leads the list of assists in the Premier League with 10 goals.

In addition, he is also the second best striker of Tottenham with 9 goals, 2 less than his Korean teammate. On the rankings, Tottenham are in second place with 25 points. Leicester are fourth with one point less.

The decisive match at the top of the Premier League took place interestingly until the last minutes. Liverpool took the lead thanks to a Mohamed Salah strike, but Tottenham also proved stubborn with Son Heung-min’s equalizer.

Spurs created more chances in the second half, but couldn’t take advantage. Mourinho’s army collapsed in the last official minutes, after Roberto Firmino’s goal.

Coach Mourinho made a few adjustments to the squad when he marched to Anfield. He left Ben Davies, a player with a better defensive ability than Sergio Reguilon. In the upline, Lo Celso started from the beginning to replace Tanguy Ndombele.

Tottenham gave control of the ball to Liverpool, saving all of the focus on the defensive front. In theory, Harry Kane played side by side with Son Heung-min in attack.

Coach Klopp predicted this tactic. He sent the red midfielders to follow Kane. In the first half, the 27-year-old had only 17 touches of the ball, and did not have any coordination with Son.

But in fact, he was almost only present in the home field to wait for the long pass for the Korean team-mate to speed up. Pressure is on Tottenham after conceding.

Coach Mourinho’s teachers and students had to force themselves to support the opponent’s ball phase, just to look for opportunities to score. In the 33rd minute, Lo Celso bravely passed the ball through 3 red shirts, before poking the slot for Son Heung-min to escape.

The Korean striker coldly ended the near corner, not allowing Alisson to block. The table came to the visitors at the first chance to finish.

Son’s strike helped Spurs continue to develop a defensive style of play. With overwhelming numbers, the white-shirt defense easily divided the home team’s attack shots.

MU awakens the dangers of Cavani

After 129 minutes of playing in the Premier League, Edinson Cavani scored 3 goals and made one assist. Cavani set foot in Old Trafford in disbelief. It is not known whether the 33-year-old striker still desires to fulfill his dreams at MU.

Many fans even described the Cavani deal, showing the MU’s deadlock. Also because MU is less charming with South American strikers, not many people believe Cavani has achieved success when he comes to Old Trafford.

However, Falcao brought an unhealthy knee to MU. Cavani also joined Manchester City’s representative with a state of prosperity. The dangerous qualities of the former PSG star have not been lost. When Southampton realized the danger of the Uruguayan striker, they received consecutive goals.

Because of the lack of a beast in the restricted area, MU lost its danger. Coach Solskjaer once cherished the intention of turning Anthony Martial into the “number 9”. This plan has not yet been completed.

This formation has not been shown to be effective. Fernandes is known for his good finishing ability. But the highest kick in attack makes him constrained his creativity.

Sometimes, the Portuguese midfielder takes a deep step back to play the role of conductor. However, he did not find any partner ahead. MU’s problem is only resolved when Cavani appears.

Cavani is a world class striker. The instinct of a beast to score in the penalty area always helps the Uruguayan to know where to move and stand.

Cavani deserved a lead on a trip to St Mary’s Stadium after his impressive performance against Istanbul Basaksehir in the Champions League. Coach Solskjaer probably does not want to risk the 33-year-old striker.

However, Cavani is not a normal 33-year-old striker. MU’s number 7 proves its worth with an assist and a double goal to help the home team go upstream spectacularly.

Liverpool face difficulties when Van Dijk is injured

Nightmares are slowly becoming a reality when Van Dijk could cut his knee ligaments and had to take at least 7-8 months of absence. That means this season for the Dutch midfielder is considered to be over.

Liverpool can live well without Allison, Salah, Mane or Thiago, but the long-term absence of Van Dijk is a completely different story. Journalist Michael Cox once explained on The Athletic the reason why Europe’s top clubs are now infatuated with the left-footed midfielder.

The reason is that if the left-footed midfielder plays left-footed in defense. The ability to develop the ball from the home field will be easier. Because a left-footed pass on the left-hand side always has a more elusive trajectory than a right-foot pass.

In the last two seasons Man City won the Premier League, Aymeric Laporte was a left-footed midfielder who took on this role. Why is Van Dijk not left-footed, but still becomes the defensive leader of Liverpool to win the Champions League and the Premier League. Even the best center-back in the world for the past 2 years?

The ability to choose the position of the Dutch midfielder is excellent. He was imbued with the thoughts of defense professors like Paolo Maldini. If he had to tack the ball, it meant he was on the wrong position.

Van Dijk is also tall enough, even agile to be ready in a one-to-one situation with the opponent’s speed. Nobody ran faster than Van Dijk in that Champions League season, not even players famous for the speed like Kylian Mbappe.

Gomez kept making mistakes from the start of the season with basic positioning mistakes. Matip did not have the speed and vision to connect with Salah from the pitch like Van Dijk had caused Arsenal. And Fabinho was originally not a center-back.