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Everton tried to push Rooney to Chelsea

Wayne Rooney revealed that he almost joined Chelsea or Newcastle, instead of Man Utd, after leaving Everton. Old Trafford’s team spent 37 million euros for Rooney’s signature.

So this is the highest fee ever paid for a player under the age of 20 at the time. Then, the English striker shined in his first season with Man Utd with 17 goals in 43 matches.

Midfielder Duane Holmes Company opened the score for Derby in the 36th minute. However, the home team could not preserve the victory, when Matthew Bloomfield equalized when the match was less than 10 minutes.

Before the score against Wycombe, Derby experienced four consecutive defeats, two of which were under coach Rooney. Speaking to British media, Rooney admitted he could stop playing completely to focus on coaching.

“But when I know Man Utd is interested in me, I want to confirm they want to sign me. Newcastle agreed. But apparently I went back and told Man Utd that if they don’t act now, I will go to Newcastle on the same terms. Man Utd didn’t want me to go there so he agreed”, he revealed that.

Joining Man Utd was the right decision in Rooney’s career. He played a total of 559 matches in all competitions for the Old Trafford team, scored 253 goals and had 146 assists. He won 18 titles in the MU shirt, including 5 Premier League and 1 Champions League. So the Derby County leadership will consider appointing a sole permanent leader.

Derby County is currently ranked bottom in the UK First Division. The former Manchester United striker was given the role of player and assistant coach.

Last season, Rooney played 24 games, scoring 5 goals for Derby County. In the 2020/21 season, Rooney played 8 matches and scored one goal. The former England captain gradually slipped because of his age.

Ibrahimovic rejected Arsenal because he didn’t want to try a job

Ibrahimovic used to go to Arsenal’s training ground and was asked to try by Arsene Wenger. Still, pride doesn’t allow him to accept that. The autobiography records the time. That’s when the Swedish striker was a young star in Malmo and received the attention of Arsenal as well as many big clubs in Europe.

The well-arranged and detailed stories also indirectly explain Zlatan’s refusal to join Arsenal to move to Ajax later. Somehow I couldn’t catch up. Everything happened so fast. A minute ago I was the unruly child in the team. And yet, me and Hasse Borg (the first agent) drove to Arsenal’s training ground in St Albans, north of London.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic 'Certainly Won't Remain At Milan'

You can imagine it’s a classic training ground. I saw Patrick Vieira, Thierry Henry and Dennis Bergkamp on the field. But the great thing is that I met Arsene Wenger, the time I first came to this club.

It was the first foreign coach in Arsenal history. On appointment, the British press even raised the question: “Who is Arsene?”. However, he won the Premier League and FA Cup in the second season and gradually became great.

We apologize to Wenger. We are not interested. There was a lot to talk about afterwards. But I believe that was the right decision. We went down to Monte Carlo.

Ibrahimovic chuẩn bị quay lại 'mái nhà xưa' AC Milan? | Bóng đá ...

That’s where the Monaco club also expressed interest, then Verona, the twin club of AS Roma, and then we went home. There was no contract but it was a memorable trip. I had my first glimpse of clubs in Europe.

I got the flu when I returned to Malmo in the cold winter weather. Then I was called up to the Swedish U21 team, but I had to give up the first match. Scouts did not come with disappointment. Scouts track me everywhere.

I don’t have many clues about them and only remember one Danish recruiter, John Steen Olsen. He came so often that I remembered my name and sometimes even greeted.

Coach Solskjaer rated Rashford on a level of Kane

British media revealed coach Ole Solskjaer was happy with the current Man Utd attack. And it is not too important to recruit Harry Kane in the summer transfer window.

After Harry Kane hinted about leaving Tottenham Hotspur, many big clubs hit the English striker, including Man Utd. The Old Trafford team is said to spend up to 200 million pounds to own this player’s signature.

Marcus Rashford kêu gọi quyên góp thành công 20 triệu bảng | VTV.VN

However, due to the complicated development of the Covid-19, European tournaments were forced to postpone, many clubs face economic difficulties. Recently, The Sun said coach Ole Solskjaer still feels fine if he can not recruit Kane. He rated Marcus Rashford on a par with his elder brother.

The mature striker from Man Utd’s training furnace is 4 years younger than Kane. Before suffering a back and ankle injury in January, Rashford had the best scoring season in his career to date with 19 goals. The Norwegian strategist was confident with giving him the starting kick.

Kane’s contract with Tottenham until 2024 expires. Therefore, if you want to recruit the English striker, Man Utd will likely have to break the transfer record of the club. But the Old Trafford Stadium is said to be chasing after many football stars.

SỐC: Marcus Rashford chấn thương nặng, lỡ hẹn EURO 2020 | 90min

Kane is the striker is rated the most current foggy country. In the last 5 seasons, he played from 38 to 51 matches for Tottenham and regularly scored from 28 to 41 goals. Before the tournaments were postponed because of Covid-19, the player also scored 17 goals out of a total of 25 matches for Spurs.

However, since the debut of the first team so far, Kane has not had the opportunity to win the trophy with Tottenham. Last season, he and his teammates reached the Champions League final but lost to Liverpool. Failure to win the title made Kane consider leaving. In addition to Man Utd, Real Madrid is also watching the English striker.