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MU continues to expect Bruno Fernandes

A 3-1 win over Everton doesn’t solve the Manchester United problem at the moment. It is an over-reliance on Bruno Fernandes. Stage four is that Bruno Fernandes will appear, carrying MU to victory so that everything will return to stage one.

The status of MU this season can be temporarily divided into a rotation with 4 phases. Stage one is normal with a relaxed and confident posture. In the second stage, MU started losing the match. The third stage is when MU lost many games in a row, showing a poor face and the news of firing coach Ole Solskjaer appeared in abundance.

MU scored 3 goals against Everton with all 3 goals printed directly with Bruno Fernandes’s shoe mark. Whoscored gave Fernandes 9.1 points for performance in this match. This is the 7th time out of 10 games in the 2020/21 season the Portuguese midfielder received a score of over 7 from Whoscored.

Of course, the tool has its own criteria to score so accurately, but with the fans following by common sense. Fernandes is the only person who knows how to play at a high level, and revives MU.

However, the steady shine of Fernandes made many fans even more worried about MU’s fate. In the middle of the week, the Portuguese midfielder played disappointingly before the Turkish representative, Basaksehir.

He lost the ball 14 times in the whole game, repeatedly failed to pass, in short played under form, directly leading to MU’s unbelievable defeat. Rarely does a British or European newspaper criticize Fernandes for those 90 minutes of disappointment.

However, they pointed their noses at Ole Solskjaer. All believe that Solskjaer keeps relying on Fernandes, making MU too easy to be arrested. In fact, that’s something most professionals and recommend brand have seen since the end of last season.

By this season, many Premier League clubs have caught this MU weakness. That explains the double difficulty that MU has to face in the domestic tournament.

Cavani – quality and comprehensive striker Lukaku

Commentator John Dykes believes that the Man United attack will be worth watching when Edinson Cavani is present. For Man United, winning against PSG was a great result. Remember, no team has beaten PSG at home in the Champions League group stage in more than two decades.

The last time PSG lost at home in the group stage was in 2004. That makes Man United’s victory especially.

More importantly, Man United defeated PSG with a chipped squad. They did not have the strongest defense when midfielders Harry Maguire and Eric Bailly were absent due to injury.

However, Man United’s substitute cards had a great game. I was impressed with the performance of goalkeeper David de Gea. Who performed very well not only against PSG, but also other matches. After what I showed, I saw Man United flying high.

It depends on how coach Solskjaer sees the danger of the opponent. However, that is what makes the fans more excited. They will want to know how the Norwegian strategist approaches the game.

In the match against PSG, I appreciate the way coach Solskjaer uses his staff. He knows that an opponent possesses a formidable attack power. So arranged two players to take on the role of defensive midfielders, Fred and Scott Mctominay as shields in front of the defense.

With the match against Chelsea, whether the Norwegian strategist will continue to use two defensive midfield players or not. That’s what we have to wait to know.

As for Pogba, whenever it comes to the midfielder, it becomes a huge controversy. In my opinion, Coach Solskjaer is just trying to create the best squad for Man United.

And unfortunately, with such thinking of the Norwegian strategist, Pogba was not in the plan. Currently, the French midfielder is not guaranteed the main kick.

And Bruno Fernandes is different. The proof is that the Portuguese midfielder was handed the Man United captaincy in the match against PSG and was guaranteed to start in every match.